Apple to open data centers in Iowa because of wind energy

Without energy from Iowa’s wind turbines, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, says his company wouldn’t have chosen Iowa as the site for two new data centers.

The two new data centers will create numerous jobs for people in Iowa and continue to support Iowa’s wind industry. Approximately 50 full time employees will work in the data center, along with roughly 500 jobs created during the construction process.

Apple will spend nearly $1.4 billion on construction of the new project. The City of Waukee voted and approved to provide more than $200 million dollars worth of tax breaks, with other tax incentives to Apple, after the completion of data centers.

Cook told sources that Apple is the largest taxpayer in the United States. In addition, they wanted to contribute more to its communities. He pledged that Apple will contribute up to $100 million towards public improvements in Waukee, Iowa. There is expected to be implementation of a new sports complex.

Apple is planning on beginning construction early in 2018, and is expecting the data centers to be operational by 2020. With Iowa being among the top wind energy producers in the nation, and with the additional power supplied from renewables, it was clear to see why Apple chose Iowa as home to it’s newly announced data centers.

Iowa has taken advantage of the benefits wind energy provides, and now, decisions to break ground from top companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft will only continue to support and foster Iowa’s wind energy vision.

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