Want to Climb a Wind Turbine?

Residents in Greene County Took Advantage of this Opportunity.

Although there are vast numbers of wind turbines throughout Iowa, people rarely have the opportunity to climb inside them. Residents of Greene County (Iowa) had just this opportunity. For their Iowa Outdoors program, IPTV aired a segment called “Wind Turbine Climbing”. This video discusses wind energy and climbing wind turbines in Iowa On May 24, 2017.

Wind turbines have become a ubiquitous feature in Iowa and a symbol for our state’s potential and growth in wind energy generation. In 1999, 250 megawatts of wind turbines were installed near Storm Lake and Clear Lake, Iowa, according to Tom Wind, wind utility consultant. Today, wind power generates more than ⅓ of Iowa’s energy needs, which is due mainly to the location (Iowa) of wind turbines.

For farmers, having wind turbines on their property is a beneficial idea. One turbine takes up approximately between ⅓ and ½ of an acre. Max Johnson, property owner, said, “They’re [wind turbines] good for everything. The less we can depend on other people and do our own supply of electricity, the better off we are.” Nearly 40,000 turbines are scattered throughout Iowa, providing electricity everywhere and benefits to farmers.

In Greene County, people were given the opportunity to ascend the turbines. The wind turbine climbing crew is extensively trained to help ensure a safe climb. The wind turbines themselves have numerous safety measures. The main safety measure is known as 100% tie-off, which ensures climbers are connected to the tower at all times.

However, the deciding factor for beginning your climb up a turbine is the weather. If wind speeds are above 53 mph, then access into the turbine is not allowed. Inside, there is a 260 foot ladder; the only way to the top is by climb. Wind turbines have three platforms along the ascent to view other climbers or to take a rest during. Those who work in the wind turbine energy or when a turbine is shut down, have the opportunity to ascend to the top.

Once you’ve had a fulfilling experience on top of the turbine, all that’s left is your descent down the ladder. By climbing, one can witness the wonderful sources of renewable energy that we have to be proud of right here in Iowa.

We highly recommend you watch IPTV’s Iowa Outdoors segment “Wind Turbine Climbing”. http://site.iptv.org/iowaoutdoors/story/26984/wind-turbine-climbing-greene-county

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